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F&K Logistics

You expect top quality for your product,

F&K Logistics guarantees outstanding professional logistics services


It doesn’t matter how large (or small) your shipment is, or what the destination may be, F&K Logistics offers the best solution for all your transport needs, covering every temperature range, from frozen to ultra-chilled, pharmaceutical products, general merchandise, bulk cargoes, etc.

F&K Logistics operates in a very wide range of sectors, ranging from food and chemicals, to plants, general merchandise, pharmaceuticals, etc. 



F&K Logistics will always find a “customised” solution that meets your needs.

All of our vehicles are equipped with hydraulic tailgates and permanent temperature registration systems. Trailers can be divided up into zones with different temperatures. Our Track & Trace system means that all shipments can be tracked and monitored at all times.



F&K Logistics is GDP-compatible and operates under GDP guidelines and procedures

F&K Logistics is your guarantee of well-trained drivers who have all of the necessary qualifications in a range of sectors, including carrying ADR goods.